Step Up Your Game With a New Style Staple: The Skull Ring

The verdict’s in: Skull rings are not a passing trend, they’re a style staple. Silver skull rings, in particular, are cropping up all over the fashion world, celebrities' Instagram feeds, fashion-forward boutiques, and on guys of all ages and lifestyles. If you’re looking for a way to shake the dust off your style and add a bit of a rock ‘n’ roll vibe, a high-quality silver skull ring will fit the bill.

Handcrafted sterling silver skull rings by Snake BonesHandcrafted sterling silver skull rings by Snake Bones

Most of us aren’t bikers…or pirates…

Too often, when we think of skull rings, we think of grizzled bikers with leather cuts, but take a closer look at fashion runways, celebrities’ Instagram feeds, and imagery throughout the luxury industry, and one thing is clear, skulls are here to stay. And they look great on anyone.

Skull rings, in particular, made an appearance as a high-end, well-crafted, beautiful fashion accessory, a far cry from the crudely made steel versions at a flea market.

For years, the skull ring been a symbol of rock ‘n’ roll, with Keith Richards becoming famously inseparable from his skull ring. “The most famous ring in the world,” Courts and Hackett, the ring’s creators write, “has come to signify not only Keith Richards the man – seen wearing it in every gig and every photography – but Rock and Roll itself.” Johnny Depp, who used Keith Richards as character inspiration for his memorable portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow, has his own stack of skull rings to show off his style off-camera as well. Iggy Pop, another skull ring fan, named his 2003 album—you guessed it—“Skull Ring.”

An inspiring fashion item for celebrities across the board, skull ring never seems to go out of style. The trend is picking up, with fans going crazy for Jason Momoa’s recent Instagram post with Lenny Kravitz. In the post, Momoa and Kravitz show off their matching skull rings as a symbol of their close-knit family ties.

But enough about rock ‘n’ roll…

Today, skull ring jewelry is produced by top fashion houses, becoming an indisputable high fashion staple. Alexander McQueen, one of the most brilliant fashion designers of our time, built an entire fashion brand using the skull as a visual identity. Dover Street Market, an exclusive lifestyle concept store and a go-to-place for the fashion-forward, regularly features designer skull rings in its inventory. And custom designed creations command premium prices. No bones about it, skull rings aren’t just for celebrities, but for a fashion-conscious of any lifestyle. Wearing one projects confidence, invites curiosity and adds a bit of rebel vibe to your style.

Snake Bones Phantom Skull Ring in Sterling Silver
Snake Bones Phantom Skull Ring in Sterling Silver

Traditionally, the symbol of a skull is meant to remind the wearer of the gift of life. All over the world in many cultures, celebrations involving skull imagery aren’t meant to be creepy or morbid, but to remind to live every moment to the fullest. The skull, as a powerful symbol of life and death, appeared in works of art, from Shakespeare's Hamlet to Damien Hirst’s For the Love of God. Call this the existential trend.

Game on!

Anatoly Startsev, the creative force behind Snake Bones, has his own take on the age-old motif. His ingenuity as a jewelry designer is on full display in skull rings produced as made-to-order and limited edition issues. These have a distinct, one-of-a-kind look that is in a league of its own. The innovative, artistic designs are impeccably constructed, with some unique features such as hinged jaws and flexible bone shanks. Anton Startsev, Anatoly’s son and second generation of Snake Bones craftsmen, brings a bit of sparkle to the skull collection with diamond and ruby eyes beautifully set in skulls’ sockets.

Snake Bones Skull Ring with Hinged Jaw in Sterling Silver
Snake Bones Skull Ring with Hinged Jaw in Sterling Silver

Enhanced with an oxidized finish to add character, the rings appear to come alive with a vibe of a rare and prized possession. Our hope that they provoke the owner to reflect on what the embedded symbolism means to them, and become conversation starters.

We believe in making things that last and rely on our years of experience crafting fine jewelry in creating these symbols of life, death, and rebellion. If you’re going to wear a ring, it should be a piece of substance, an heirloom made to last and be cherished.

Our skull rings are made of sterling silver - prized throughout the centuries; no other precious metal ages in a more individual way. Silver, a practical and beautiful material develops a patina and unique texture, that makes the ring more unique with age, giving it individuality and forming an emotional connection with a piece of art, not just a piece of jewelry.

Snake Bones Skull and Crossbones Ring with Hinged Jaw
Snake Bones Skull and Crossbones Ring with Hinged Jaw

Our work has been featured in British GQ as well as other print and online fashion publications. In addition to our limited edition pieces, we are happy to take custom orders and would love to create something special just for you.

And if rings aren’t your thing but you want to add an edge to your look, Snake Bones also has bracelets, necklaces, cufflinks and lapel pins available. And of course, skull rings aren’t just for men, many of our designs are unisex and created specifically for women as well.

Whether you’re just starting to flex your fashion muscles, or an experienced pro like Keith Richards, take a trip through our skull jewelry collection.